Monday, August 20, 2012

Baggy finishes a whole can of Fancy Feast!

This morning, Baggy had home-cooked food sprinkled with the TF. She seems to love the TF powder, which is really good.

 Scratching after breakfast.

She now hates the RetroMAD1 and salivates immediately after taking it. She has done this for 2 days now. I'm glad today she finishes her 21 days of Doxycycline. No more of that antibiotic anymore.

Lunch was Fancy Feast which she loved. All afternoon, she sat under the table.

 For dinner, I gave her another flavour of Fancy Feast and she simply loved it.

She ate the whole can!

Based on what Baggy does, I think she knows she needs food to make her body well again, so she is eating very well. That is really good because ultimately, nutrients from food sources are the ones best assimilated by the body.

I wasn't going to give her the whole can, but since she kept asking for more, I thought I had better listen to Baggy. If she wants to eat, let her eat!

 After dinner.

 Back to her favourite tree trunk.


Peggy Quah said...

Dr.Chan, ya give her if she can eat thats what we can do. It is heartbreaking when we see they cant eat any more. My Miow Miow has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Her last few days was sad as she did not want to be even hand fed. She did not struggle to be fed but grumbled as she knew her time had come but being with us for the last 12 years we were sad to see her leave. She leaves her 2 daughters still with us already 10 years old.

Maneki Neko said...

I think Baggy looks better today than she has in the past several days. It's great to see her eating so well! :-)

Chen said...

The seafood platter flavour is also a big favourite among my kitties. But I always mix this with fresh raw chicken pieces. All the cats I've fed love this combi: bite-size raw chicken + mashed veggie (usually carrot or zucchini or both or wai san) + this dollops of this can food. Sure sapu habis.

nandhini said...

good girl baggy'

Uncle Legolas said...

My Little Baggy Pink Nose

Sure is good to see you gobbling up all your food. We have the same good taste in food.You are eating really well just like me when I'm really hungry. Keep it up my little Baggy. You looks much better too. Your eyes looks good.
Don't look so forlorn my little one..things are looking up. There is no way to go but all the way up..Cheers, cheers....
Love, Uncle Legolas & Friends