Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baggy eats breakfast...then licks the rocks

I stayed up till almost 2am with Baggy last night. She "seemed" much better late last night so I thought I should monitor to see if there were any positive significant visible changes in her. At the same time, I was also surfing the net for more natural remedies and I thank Connie and Lydia for staying up and helping me surf for information.

 Baggy decided to jump off the prima donna drawer and hang out with Uncle Bobby instead.

 For the first time after so many days, I see her drinking water on her own.

 I thought she looked a wee bit better. I could be imagining it, but never mind, let's think positive.

 She hung out with Uncle Bobby for quite some time.

 Then she settled back into her prima donna drawer for the night. I had already lined it with a towel to make it more comfortable.

Ever since the shocking prognosis was revealed two days ago, every day is a new day with new challenges but it begins with a mixture of apprehension and nervousness as I come downstairs and enter the room. Did anything happen through the night? Is Baggy ok? (I had wanted to camp in the room with her, but the other cats are naughty and will not let me sleep. They keep waking me up, asking for this and that.)

This morning was no different. I came down feeling a little nervous, but my fears were unfounded as there was Baggy, with the rest of the brood, waiting for me and for breakfast. I'm sure you know what a relief that is.

 Testing, testing....yes, she is eating on her own!

She did not finish it all, but at least she is eating on her own, which is much better than the whole of yesterday where she refused food. By the way, this is a home-cooked meal. I didn't dare give her the AD as she seemed so put off by it yesterday.

She ate half the serving, and I slowly fed her the rest, which she finished. Then, another half serving was fed. She ate it all up and finished the blended liver too.

 Hanging out with everyone else.

 And then, she lay on the rocks and started licking the rocks.

The vet said that's how animals try to get minerals from Nature when their body needs it. I took a chance and poured some colloidal silver water onto the rocks. Later, I gave her a wee bit of colloidal silver water with a syringe. Her medicines were given slowly, so she has now taken her Doxy, the Prednisolone and the RetroMAD1. I dare not give the Hi-Vite as it made her so angry yesterday that she was salivating it out after that. Don't want to stress her out.

And while Baggy was still happily licking the rocks...

 Another prima donna occupied the chambers.

 Baggy licked the rocks for about half an hour, but not continuously, though.

 Now she has settled on my chair, so I'm sitting on the kitchen stool to do my work!


Donovan said...

She actually does look a bit better. Her eyes look more alert. Let's hope it's a sign that she's getting better.

Joy E. Saga said...

A wee bit better it seems... the fight is still not over. Here's a HUG for you and lending my strength to you KY as you probably need it more than me right now.

chankahyein said...

Thanks everyone. I know there's a long way to go, and am not even sure what challenges Baggy and I would have to face in the days to come.