Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baggy tipped the scales and her PCV improves!!!

I got home from work today and as I was driving Baggy to the vet's for her last EPO jab, I wondered, "Baggy, will you just tip the scales a wee bit for me today? Maybe just 50g?"

Each time when we were at the vet's for a jab, my heart would stop for awhile as I put her on the weighing scale. As long as her weight doesn't drop further, that's really good enough. Her weight had not dropped for the last 3 times.

So, as usual, I put her on the weighing scale upon reaching the vet's and guess what...

This is far better than what I had asked for...

Baggy gained 100g!!

I was so, so pleased!

 YAY for Baggy!! You gained weight!! A whole 100 grams!

Yes, I'm 2.85kg today!

Then, came the next acid test - the blood PCV test. While taking her blood through the ear-prick, the vet mentioned she does seem to have some colour today. I held my breath.

Her PCV had not improved at all after 3 jabs of the EPO. It had stayed at 8% which was quite dismal. Today is the 7th jab.

After 15 minutes, we had the results....

It was 12%!!!

Would you believe that?? A whole fifty percent increase, from 8% to 12%!! Now, that's really, really encouraging!

Now, next, to figure out....what exactly is working for her?

That's the hardest question and I don't think we would know for sure.

For the vet, it's the combination of the Doxy, the steroids and the EPO jab. But all three are drugs and they have their side effects and harm if given on the long term, particularly the steroids and the EPO. The EPO's manual advised that it is to be continued. But we know there may be harmful side effects since it is a human hormone.

On my side, I've also been giving the RetroMAD1, the Transfer Factor, the B Complex, Folic Acid, etc, etc.

Which one is working? Personally, I do not want to "drug" Baggy and would much prefer that she relies on natural supplements, food and sunshine, and let the body recover slowly, but surely.

There is already an improvement now, and a really good one too.

We drove home and I quickly informed Andy of the happy news. Based on this turn of events, I'll have to work on some options for Baggy, so the trip home to Andy's place has to be postponed first. I need some time to think out the options for Baggy.

Back home, Baggy announced she was HUNGRY!

Yes, Baggy, eat all you want, my dear!

Keep it up, little Pink Nose!! Everyone is rooting for you!

Thank you, everyone, for your support and positive vibes!


zally said...

Love is the best medicine..Love can make someone do things that he/she never thought possible..I’m waiting for Baggy updates everyday..this news make me really happy..many thanks to you Dr.Chan for your best care for have inspired many people..Baggy get well soon okay….

Connie said...

Good news.Wow! I read 3x on the part about PCV 12%. :)
Its all because of your 200% efforts + everyday dosage of Tabs' & the Funny Bunny shows + Maslina's TF + the new fish pad + etc etc that give Baggy a second chance in life!
Congrats Baggy on the PCV 12%. Keep it up Baggy!

chankahyein said...

Don't forget - it's everybody's positive vibes too, wishing her well from afar! Thank you, dear friends.

Connie said...

Yes. Let's all carry on sending positive vibes to Baggy.

Chen said...

Yay Baggy! Go, go Baggy.

Uncle Legolas said...

My Dear Baggy Pink Nose,

Wow! You did it my girl. What a wonderful news; your Mom is such a great Mom; her TLC is really helping you to heal. Keep it up doing what you are doing. I am so happy for you. Me and my friends will keep on sending you positive vibes so you will be totally out of the danger zone. Positives vibes to your sis Tabs and the rest of the brood too and Bobby and your Mom!

Love Uncle Legolas & Friends..

Yen Ling said...

Good stuff!!!