Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baggy on Friday

Baggy has been very "assertive" today, but I'm not sure if that's good, because she only ate a tiny bit of AD this morning, and thereafter, she assertively refused food. I only managed to force-feed her a few mouthfuls after which she would kick off from me and run away.

She took her medicine (the Doxy and Prednisolone) but this evening, she spat out the Hi-Vite. I actually thought she liked it yesterday (the liquid that looks and smells like Marmite) but just now, she was so annoyed, she tried to spit out as much as she could with her saliva.

I'm trying my level best not to stress her. And perhaps I need to always be reminded that sometimes animals know what they need and what they don't.

There was only one car trip today - to the vet's for the EPO injection.

By the way, I could not get her any acupuncture slot as the slots are all fully booked and and Dr Susanna will be leaving for overseas next week. She also wrote to say that there is no proven record that acupuncture helps in FeLV cases.

Looks like we've done all that we can, given all that we can possibly give, within reason and justification.

Here are some photos taken late last night:

 She lay on her tree trunk for many hours last night, until I brought her in at around midnight.

 After taking the Hi-Vite last night (some of it left around the mouth).

The photos below were taken this evening:

 To tell me that she did not like the Hi-Vite, she spat as much as possible out onto the grass.

 She spent the whole day under her table.

So I decided to bring her in.

 This has been her favourite place in the room for the past few days - inside the drawer, and she wants it this way, with everything inside, nothing removed.

 Tabs will keep Baggy company for now.

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