Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baggy plays with the feather!

After breakfast today, Baggy played with the feather!





 She even chased the feather and grabbed at it.

Then, we went to the vet's for her 5th EPO jab. Baggy's weight is stable at 2.75kg.

 Here's Baggy wearing the ionising necklace that Andy and Emily brought for her. She seems to like it.


Joy E. Saga said...

And Tabs wanna join the fun too :-)

Perhaps she feels good with the necklace. Get well soon Baggy!

Connie said...

She look like a diva wearing that necklace. Keep it up Baggy!

loh lay peng said...

stay strong Pink Pink Baggy.

mao said...

cheers for baggy!I got myself a white one too, looks like baggy, just the older version

Uncle Legolas said...

Good day Baggy Pink Nose,

It's indeed very good to see you all perks up and playing with the feather. I love playing with feather too but it'll be destroyed in minutes. Hey that necklace looks cool on you..make you look like some sort of a warrior..Keep on eating girl you can use to put on more grams or kgs?.. Take your iron supplements and others ok, it will help you to get better. I love fancy feast too mixed with some chicken and liver..Yummy..Your big sis Tabs is looking over you and keeping you company,ya..That's great to have such a loyal buddy..

All the good wishes and vibes with love from Uncle Legolas & Friends..