Monday, August 13, 2012

Baggy leads the way at dinnertime!

It was dinner time, and Baggy would be fed first...

 Hi Baggy, here's your food. Eat some?

 Sniff, sniff, yum yum...slowly, bit by bit.

 I finished!!

Wow! Good girl, Baggy ate up everything on her own without being hand-fed at all.

For the next round, I took a long shot and mixed the Transfer Factor together with her second helping, and she ate it all up...all my herself!  I guess the TF is quite palatable since Maslinda said it tasted like milk. This is the first time I didn't have to hand-feed the TF, and also the first time I tried giving it to Baggy to eat all by herself. I'm so happy!

And Baggy had a third helping as well, but this was done slowly with a lot of praises in between. Slowly but surely, she ate up everything all by herself except or the last mouthful which I hand-fed.

 See? I finished my food again!

 Clever girl, Baggy!

And while Baggy was eating, I had quite a hard time keeping Bunny and Tabs at bay because these two are always game for a meal anytime, anywhere.

So, after Baggy had eaten, the rest had their meal. Maybe because they say how much Baggy enjoyed her home-cooked meal, they also wanted to eat the same food.

No canned food. We want what Baggy ate!

 That's Bunny after two helpings.

Indy is the only one who has rejected home-cooked food for many weeks now, refusing to eat it. He only wants canned food. Ironically, our drastic change to home-cooked last year was because Indy's life was hanging by a thread and Dr S said I had better change Indy's diet or I might lose him. Remember how sick Indy was then? Indy is one mysterious masked hero indeed - whenever he falls sick, nobody can detect what is actually wrong with him! But now, the naughty and picky masked hero refuses home-cooked food totally. So, it's canned food for him, else, he simply won't eat.

 I eat home-cooked. I'm not picky.

 I eat anything.

 Cleo has recently started a preference for home-cooked as well.

 Pole too.

 May I have some more, please?

Tiger eats the most and polishes up everybody's left-overs. His habit is to wait at the counter until everyone is gone. Then, he will help with the "cleaning up" and he does a pretty good job at it too!

Finally, Indy came back and I thought I'd just try offering him some home-cooked food...

 To my utter surprise, he ate!

Well not much, but at least he did not refuse it like he normally does.

Maybe he saw Baggy eating so much, and he thought there must be something in this food...

 I led the way today....I made everyone eat Mom's food!

Hooray for Baggy!!

Thank you, everyone, for cheering me on!


Connie said...

Way to go Baggy! Happy to see that pinky nose. Noticed her legs quite longish...if there is a feline beauty contest, she will be the sexiest among them. Pewittttt! (That's Ronaldo doing the Pewitt thing)

Chen said...

Yay. Step by step. Soon Baggy's nose will be as pink as Tabs'!

By the way, Bunny does great Jabba the Hut impersonation. And Baggy looks a bit like Yoda, no?

chankahyein said...

Yes, Bunny the Hut!

loh lay peng said...

Happy for Pink Pink Baggy.

claire said...

good job Baggy! Prayes are with you!

Bunny looks huge sitting like that on the chair =D