Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baggy, the "manja" one

Here are some photos of Baggy taken by Mr Teh this morning at the office before she went home to her "weekend resort", and a short write-up:
Hi Dr. Chan, here I send u some photos of Baggy that I snapped this morning. She finished whole can of fussy cat and we found that she also sapu all the dry kibble that emily provided her last night before she left the office. But only the problem is she doesn't like the hivite drop. She seems like very manja when people around and non stop purring and rubbing her head on us.

From my experience, Baggy is actually very obedient when it comes to taking her medicines. Certainly "VERY obedient" compared to my alphas!! Emily also said Baggy takes everything obediently and only complains a little when it comes to the Hi-Vite.

Here are the photos:







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