Friday, August 24, 2012

A fancy feast for the 7 stalwarts

I thought it would only be fair if I gave a well-deserved treat to my 7 cats. After all, they had been so "understanding" and accommodating throughout the period when Baggy took up most of my time and presence of mind.

So, I bought 3 cans of Fancy Feast to be shared by the seven.

Indy made the dinner call at 4.50pm. Breakfast was at 6am this morning, and in between, they only had some kibble, so everyone would be quite hungry already.


 Bunny was at the frontline, as usual.

 Indy, the dinner-caller for today.

 Yum, yum, yum....

 Soon, Tiger came out, followed by Cow (didn't get to take his photo).

 Cleo was sleeping, but I woke her up to give her the treat.

The trouble with my brood is, I can't have only half of them eating some treat and I feed the rest later. When the rest eats later, the first half would come for more. They "won't remember" they had already eaten, and you just cannot reason such things with cats. Cats have their own rules. Human rules and reasoning simply do NOT apply.

Tabs, Cow and Pole were still sleeping inside the room, so I had to go wake them up for the treat.

 Pole was pleasantly surprised.

 Surprisingly, Tabs sniffed at the food and walked away!

Why, Tabs???

 Bobby came for it.

 She came back for it, but it was no big deal for her.

 Bunny had many helpings, and he polished everything clean.

 I called for dinner today, so may I have some more?

Much later, Cleo made another dinner call.

It's an All-Ladies dinner....home-cooked food only.

The four boys were flat out!


Alicia said...

I've always wondered how a "dinner call" sounds like.

chankahyein said...

It's coming to the grille (if I'm outside the room) or coming to me (if I'm inside the room), looking me straight in the eye, and making one's own meow.

Joy E. Saga said...

My cats would all meow, and run to their individual plates and wait there, facing the plates. So I know they want their food :-)

Joy E. Saga said...

And perhaps Tabs misses Baggy and associates Fancy Feast with her?