Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baggy remembers her room and settles in!

Hi Everyone,

Here's great news about Baggy. I know everyone who has rooted for her would want to know how she is doing, and Andy has been very kind to send this wonderful news and great photos!

From Andy:

Baggy is home. I think she seems to remember her room. She did not hesitate to come out from the carrier. She then come to rub my leg. I dont know what she meant. I tried to introduce her to the new room ( with sunlight) but she seems to prefer to old room and does not feel at ease. So we open the door to she what she wants and she immediately go out of the room. I think she probably not familiar with it. She lounge in our general office area for a while , then i decided to put her back to her room to rest her. I will monitor if she is adapting well. She seems to be ok except that when she sees Guthrie, she tends to be abit alert and i am certain she knows she is fine being confined in the room and having know that Guthrie wont be in. But for the moment , i am locking up Guthrie to make sure she does not disturb Baggy.

Lets hope all's well ends well.


You have NO idea how happy and glad I am. The fact that Baggy did not hesitate coming out of the carrier means she is familiar with her old room. And she rubbed Andy's leg - that means she has claimed Andy to be her property!

Andy and I had discussed how Baggy could get some sunlight, so Andy had prepared the director's room for her. It will have the morning sun.

Guthrie is a stray cat Mr Teh picked up from the highway recently and she is the office-cat now. Andy has already made plans that Guthrie and Baggy will be separated with their own private litter boxes and food and water bowls. There is plenty of space at the office for two cats and Baggy has her own room. They can take turns to roam as long as direct cat-t0-cat contact is avoided. Guthrie has already been vaccinated.

Upon arriving, Andy said Baggy ate again! That's really good. I gave her a small snack at 11am for the trip so that she won't be hungry. And now, she's eating again. Good girl, keep up the appetite!

Here are the homecoming photos: 

 Hi everyone, I'm home! This is my old room and I have my very own sofa too. 

 Thank you for bringing me home, Uncle Andy!

This is my old table and my cat-tree.

 I'm lounging in the office area. Feels good to be home...
Of course I remember my home. Cats don't forget so easily, don't you know? 

 I have a new friend. Her name is Guthrie. But we will only "meet" through the glass.

 Hi, I'm the office-cat, Guthrie. Don't you worry, I'll keep an eye on Baggy.


Mao said...

Glad she's ok with the place!! To uncle Andy, she rubs you cos...she claimed u, "you're mine"

Yen Ling said...

She's looking good :)