Friday, August 24, 2012


Tonight will be the first night, after many nights where I don't get to tuck Baggy in. Normally every night ever since she had been ill, the last thing I do would be to make sure she is comfortable either on my table or in the drawer and I'll tell her to sleep well, get stronger and I'll see her the next day.

During the days when she was in a critical state, every morning would be a great challenge as I come down the stairs. Is Baggy okay? And what a relief it was to find her well.

I forgot to share something else too.

Yesterday, Baggy did something which assured me that she is steadily getting back to her normal self.

She "meezered"!

Yes, she was asking for food and she meezered for me to hear. I have not heard her meezering for quite sometime now. It is that noise very peculiar of Siamese cats where make a loud sound when they want something.

I'm so glad Baggy meezered and I smiled when I heard it. It was as though she was telling me, "See? I'm my old self again."

Good girl, little Baggy Pink Nose.

It's 10.30pm now, Baggy. Hope you are fast asleep in your basket or on the cat-tree.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow playing, exploring and EATING!


Bern said...

Good nite baggy...And good night to you too Dr. Chan. It's usually harder on us the humans to part with the furkids. I am also experiencing empty nest syndrome..But am glad to know the piggies are doing fine in their new home as well.

Joy E. Saga said...

God bless you Baggy!