Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wheatgrass for Baggy

Since conventional medicine cannot help Baggy in this stage of her condition, I've been reading up a lot on natural ways to help the body heal. Most animal caregivers (including professional with years of experience) who adopt the natural way of healing attest to the fact that good nutrition is the most important thing.

Anitra Frazier writes: The first requirement is that the patient enjoys the food and continues to eat. 

After yesterday's trip to the vet's, I've decided I want to give Baggy good nutrition as far as I can and minimise on the medications. We've given the medications a chance to do its work and the vet said whatever is supposed to have worked should have worked, but it has not. We've already given it time. I'm also wary that medications have side effects which could be harmful to the body which is in a fragile and weakened state. I just don't feel right pumping Baggy with medicines anymore. Perhaps the only thing we will continue would be the EPO jabs. As of yesterday, we've started to taper off the steroids.

We will rely on good nutrition now.

Baggy finished all her steamed liver from last night's batch so I made some again this morning. She must have smelled the aroma because she showed some excitement. It had been just 2 1/2 hours after breakfast, but since it's freshly made, why not? I offered it to her and she ate up half! Maybe she knows she needs the iron in the liver, so she takes a lot of it now. We'll just have to trust Baggy's instincts on this. She hates the Hi-Vite, so I'm not going to force her to take that anymore. If she takes this liver, it's providing the iron that she needs and this is more natural too since it is a food source.

I read up on wheatgrass for pets and found this:

It says:

Here are some of the wheatgrass benefits for pets

  • Nutritionally complete food

  • Studies by scientists have shown it to never be toxic in animals or humans

  • Gives energy & stamina

  • Reverses illness

  • Protection of toxins- including aging and combats free radicals

  • Rejuvenates blood

  • Helps shed pounds by detoxifying the body

  • DNA repair

  • Blood cleansing and building abilities of chlorophyll

  • Builds blood and stimulates circulation

  • Stimulates and regenerates the liver

  • Deodorizes body

Although it is not specifically for treating leukemia, I was particularly attracted to the parts about rejuvenating blood, building blood and stimulating the liver. That's exactly what Baggy needs now - her body must make blood.

On another note, I've attempted to grow wheatgrass some months back, but my project failed. I know cats love to chew on wheatgrass.

 So I got this. It's organic and has no preservatives at all.

I mixed some of wheatgrass powder to her food and offered it. She didn't eat it by herself (but this was right after the steamed liver) so I hand-fed her. Let's hope this gets Baggy's body to make blood.

 Baggy would be really grateful if everyone could send her positive energy to help her body make blood, please.

Thank you!


Chen said...

In Frazier's book p. 383, she mentioned adding Green Magma into the food. Please see where it states how it helps in balancing the body chemicals and how it helps the body make blood. I think Green Magma can be bought in many health food stores in Malaysia.

chankahyein said...

Thanks for sharing - I read that in the pages you sent too! It says it's the chlorophyll that helps make blood.

Su Via said...

Hello. Quoting from a book called "Superfoods" by david wolfe under the chapter coconuts, here is what he had written.

"Young coconut water is nearly identical to human blood plasma, making it a universal donor. During the Pacific battles of World War 2, between 1941 and 1945, both sides in the conflict used coconut water-siphoned directly from the coconut-to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers. Plasma makes up 55 percent of human blood. The remaining 45 percent of our blood consists of hemoglobin- which is essentially transformed plant blood(chlorophyll). When we consume a drink consisting of 55 percent fresh coconut water and 45 percent fresh-green leaf juice(or wheatgrass juice, as Dr Ann Wigmore recommended) we give ourselves an instant blood transfusion. "

Chen said...

This makes me want to go out and order young coconut water campur wheatgrass juice! I wonder if this drink works for vampires too ... heheh :p

Yen Ling said...

Baggy, pinking up!

Uncle Legolas said...

Hi Baggy Pink Nose

Keep on fighting and keep your spirit up. Don't be down ok. There is always alternatives and there's always a way. So keep the eating up. That's is really good. My brother Sam also take liquid chlorophyll with his chicken. It's working well for him - he's not on any medications anymore. The only thing his poo smells like grass ...hmm it is a good thing or bad thing..?

Cheers up little Baggy Don't give up now ... I and the 'others' is sending positive vibes and healing from afar..

Connie said...

Maybe vampire will go with it if campur sirap :)

Beng Kai said...

I actually grow the wheatgrass from seeds. I bought the wheat seeds (organic) from Just Life. It take about 7 days to fully grow them and will last another 3-4 days after that. I can pass you some seeds (about 1 tablespoon) to try out if you are interested.

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Beng Kai. I tried growing but failed. How do you sprout and grow them?

Beng Kai said...

I hope this guideline can help you:

I skip step 3 but I believe you will achieve higher sprouting ratio if you follow step 3. Water the seeds twice daily using water spray (dont over water it, my 1st attempt failed cause water the seeds too wet. Also remember to poke some small little holes ( I make about 10-12 holes) at the bottom of the container. Dont place the container under direct sunlight.

Good luck.