Monday, August 6, 2012

Reptilian night watch

We looked everywhere in the garden. There was no reptile in sight.

All has been quiet at the Clubhouse as well.

 Cleo is standing guard at this drain hole.

Actually, we are watching the cats' reaction to the drain hole; that would be the best indication of whether the reptile is anywhere near the drain holes. We cannot see inside, but the cats can sense its presence, as they had for the past few days.

 Cow is keeping watch at the first post.

 We're not sure how to read the cats' reaction tonight - they could be curious as to why the tree trunks have been moved to cover the drain holes, so they are staring at them and sniffing them.

This evening, we removed one tree trunk and sat watching the drain hole to see if a reptilian snout would pop up, but there was none (which is good, I suppose).

 Here's where we really wish the cats could talk to us and tell us what they sense.

 All on the alert.

I did a search on monitor lizards and it says they are carnivorous and they eat small mice and other small preys, but some eat fruit.

 And why are you up there?

I'm doing the watch tower duty tonight. I get a better view from up here.

I brought little Baggy into the room. She had been keeping watch on her shelf all evening. It's time she took a break and let the rest take over.

 The changing of the guards...

1 comment:

Connie said...

My experience when I was staying at kampung during my younger days...monitor lizard preys on animal ( which are smaller than them) during the nights. Usually cats will run away for safety if they know if a predator is around, but, since your cats are all nice to any visitors, wise that you guys used the tree trunk to cover the holes.
But, don't worry, eventhough your cats are all nice, I believe they will know how to protect themselves if they know there is danger around the corner. Don't underestimate animal's instinct.