Friday, August 24, 2012

Baggy visits old friends!

Andy just took this photo:

Baggy a.k.a Cuteness Personified!

Andy says:

She seems to have settled in. I disturb her while she was asleep for this picture. Cant help taking this. She rub my leg everytime I enter the room to visit her. I let her roam for a while. She willingly goes out of the room and visited the staff she used to know.

Quite amazing how well a cat remembers, isn't it?

I'm glad Baggy is visiting her old friends. Emily said tomorrow, Baggy might even be happier - they have a staff whom Baggy was especially fond of (and vice versa). She's on leave today and will be returning back to work tomorrow.

Love makes the world go round. We won't know where it would take us, but when there's love, all things will work out, somehow.

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melle said...

Am so happy to hear Baggy has readjusted well in her previous residence, and with human friends who are fond of her.

May Baggy Sweet Pink Nose be showered with much love and attention from Andy and his office staff.

I've a special liking for Baggy as she looks exactly like my cat, Belle who is also a dignified prima-donna kitty.