Thursday, August 23, 2012

All quiet in Bunny's Place

When one experiences the empty nest, it's always best to be mindful and it helps to keep busy too.

So, after Baggy left, I took my time in scrubbing the tiles with mild diluted chlorox. I have been scrubbing the floor several times daily, but never with chlorox as Baggy was still licking the wet tiles. It is always recommended that mild chlorox be used (1 part in 30 parts of water) if there is the presence of viruses. The FIV and FeLV viruses are actually very weak and cannot survive long outside the body of the host.

Then, I wiped the surfaces in the room with the diluted chlorox as well. The litter boxes, I have been cleaning and disinfecting each time Baggy used them, so that's okay.

With the Hari Raya holidays over, the postal service is back in action again. For the past 2-3 weeks, the post has been SO incredibly slow, many AnimalCare subsidy claims had been delayed. Today, quite a few came in.

Life goes back to what it was. I miss taking care of Baggy, but I am glad for this change, because it means she is well again.

The cats were all wondering why I did not bring Baggy back into the room after I brought her out today when Andy came. I'm slightly "consoled" that Baggy wasn't really close to any of them, so I hope they won't miss her so much. She had always kept to herself since she came and I guess that's partly due to her personality, or she was already gradually getting unwell after the trauma of losing her sister and being transported to my house. Baggy came to me in early May. It has almost been 4 months.

For the last week or so, two calico cats have been coming to our house. One of them has been spayed because the ear is V-notched. The other looks a little plump so I hope she is not pregnant. They would sleep under my car or on our shoe bench.

 I went out to feed them, but could only see the V-notched one. They scuttle off when we come out.

Meanwhile, everyone is napping in Bunny's Place...




 But not everyone is napping...


 I sure miss seeing Baggy on her tree trunk or under her table.

 The things can go back into the drawer now.

 Yes, Cow, it's back to me and you and the rest.

Cow will always be the first person to sense my emotions and he will always come to me. Good ol' Cow.

Meanwhile, I shall be fortifying Tabs, Tiger and possibly Indy with Vetri DMG as Tabs and Indy are the two who have had contact with Baggy. I saw Tiger touching nose with Baggy too.

Based on owners' experience with FIV and FeLV cats, some believe in isolation while some don't. I guess this decision also depends very much on the cats' personality, their health condition, the environment and the circumstances. It's a tough call, but only the owner would know best. It's a delicate balance between the head and the heart - knowledge, compassion and doing the best we can with what we have.

And all said, I'm really happy Baggy recognises her old room and is comfortable. I pray she will thrive in a relaxed and quiet environment and this will help her regain good health again.

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loh lay peng said...

Happy for u n all the Kitties.