Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baggy's visit to the vet's

Today is Baggy's 4th EPO jab. Non-FeLV cats are known to respond after 3 jabs, but for Baggy's case, we may have to do more because of her FeLV+ condition, so I'll have to get another vial of the EPO for Saturday. The vet explained that the EPO is not harmful as it consists of hormones and enzymes.

Baggy's weight is stable at 2.75kg today and her heart sounds better today compared to previously. That's the good news.

I've learnt to "listen" to Baggy and there are certain supplements that she completely spits out. It probably indicates that she doesn't need those. In time, we will narrow it down to whatever she can accept.

Meanwhile, her sneezing has not deteriorated, so I'm really hoping it is just due to the weather and not a flu.

Pinky, pinky Baggy Pink Nose!


Uncle Legolas said...

My Dear Pinky, pinky Pink Nose..

I see good news..Today your heart sounds better than the previous..that's means there is an improvement in the hemoglobin available to carry the oxygen molecules in your blood to all your bodies tissues.. Some of the supplements is helping your body to heal..So Keep up the good work.. You are getting there.
I and my 'others' buddies will keep on sending you healing and positives vibes. I hope you can feel the vibrations..heal..heal..heal))))))))))))))))))))
Keep on fighting my little Baggy Pinky, pinky Baggy Pink Nose.
Love. Uncle Legolas & the 'OTHERS'

chankahyein said...

Pinky Baggy says "thank you" to Uncle Legolas and friends!

cindy said...

I give Nutricia Nutridrink (brand) to Skippy, my FIV cat. Skippy was born with FIV and lost 3 kilos the past 2 years. He is almost 17. His immune system is low and therefore diarrhoea etc. Nutri drink seems to improve his immue system and the diarrhoea lessen or a lot less watery.

This drink was given to my late husband to build up his weight. He was 25-kilos. After about 3 months his weight went up to 40 to 45. And even in that terrible kind of conditions he did not catch cold or any kind of infections.

It is by Nutricia - medical food supplement. In Holland we can get it from the chemist. It contains all the essential vitamines and minerals. Look for 'Compact' formula. I give Skippy 10 to 20cc per day. Or when I remember :( .

Skippy prefers vanila flavour. It is a bit like yought drinks.

By the way, I am not sure if it is my old eyes or camara tricks -- I thought the nose of Baggy has been pinker than 10 days ago. I hope I am right. Anyway, as long as it is not getting worse it is always good news.

Yen Ling said...

Good to know Baggy is getting better. I'm not sure if this will help, but just a suggestion - give Baggy a shirt (baby blouse) to wear to keep her warm & comfy(to reduce sneezing)? On cold nights, Jack wears his little t-shirt to keep himself warm (Jack sneezes a lot during cold mornings, and wearing the little t-shirt at night, reduces it)

chankahyein said...

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll monitor her sneezing. She doesn't even want to lie on a towel and prefers the tiled floor. I have not heard any sneezing far. Fingers crossed.

Linda said...

Hi Dr. Chan, hv you heard of sangobion? Dr. Prem of gasing vet recommended it for my dog coz he had a low red blood count. It replenishes iron stores n helps regulate hemoglobin levels. It also contains vit C to help in absorbtion of iron. He said cats with felv can also take it. It can be found in most pharmacies; cheapest is rm2.75 for 4 capsules at Alpha pharmacy.

chankahyein said...

I have not heard of it. Thanks! Is it a capsule or tablet? How big is the size?

Linda said...

The capsule is 3/4" in length. You can open it n use the powder inside. Think Dr. Prem said to use 1/8 for cats. If you get the Epo from Gasing Vet, you can ask Dr. Prem for more info. It is Sangobion by Merck, a supplement for humans; just lessen the dosage for dogs n cats.

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Linda.

Linda said...

U are welcome; and it's Alpro pharmacy not Alpha.

Chen said...

Hey I take Sangobion too! But only when I feel anemic. It works for me. It comes in a red box and it does not give me constipation like other iron supplements do. I buy them from Caring Pharmacy. The Caring outlet I usually go to sells also an open pack where the customer can buy loose capsule sheets (?) - 1 sheet (?) holds 4 capsules.