Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who is Mr Kekok?

My husband calls him "Mr Kekok".

Every morning, before going to work, he makes it a point to visit all the cats and carry some of them.

His favourite cat (to carry) is Indy....and why so?

Because Indy doesn't like to be carried and it's "fun" to watch how Indy wiggles out of it using all his muscle and might.

Hence, the name "Mr Kekok"...

mini-P3240636 (2) mini-P3240637 (2)

Mr Kekok flexes all his muscles (including his tail), his limbs are all extended out, totally rigid. Even all his claws are out.

mini-P3240638 (3)

 And Indy, or Mr Kekok, is VERY strong.

He WILL wiggle his way down.

Indy wins every morning, but not after my husband has a good laugh battling with Indy's "kekok-ness".

We used to joke that even when Indy is asleep, his tail is under stress as it is always bent in a way that looks most uncomfortable.

Mr Kekok!!


Chen said...

The indignant Indy is sooo funny! No wonder he gets targeted for hugs, I would too.

Isn't this the exact opposite of Timmy reaction when he gets hugged?

Joy E. Saga said...

I LOVE these pictures ... the happiness I can feel from your hubby (the glee on his face) and how chagrined Indy is at that point in time being 'man-handled'. My cat Subaru is like that... doesn't like cuddles but loves being stroked.

chankahyein said...

Indy doesn't like cuddles either. He's a "leave me alone, I'm on an adventure here, where's the intruder?" type of cat!

Joy E. Saga said...

And THAT makes him more adorable!

Akmar said...

1st pic caption: " Uhh..awkward..."
2nd pic caption: "Ihh..tak suka.."
3rd pic caption: "TAK SUKA LAAHHH!!"

Hehehehe..! :D

jasmine ong said...

LOL :)