Sunday, March 23, 2014

Timmy vs Vincent in the battle for food!

It was dinner time and everyone had finished their food.

Timmy had his dinner in the cage, and he was let out after that.

But as always, there are scraps in some bowls and Vincent was licking up the scraps.

Timmy did his "Timmy thing".

He would sit close enough and stare.

Just keep staring long enough and surely the cat will move never fails.

So, Timmy stared...

And stared.

Minutes passed....Vincent grew quite uncomfortable.


And turned away.


Oooh....yes, it's all mine. YES!! 

But suddenly, and this is unprecedented....


Vincent swung around and stared hard at Timmy.

Timmy was caught unaware and was taken aback!

Shaken and shocked, Timmy dived under the chair for cover.

There's no telling what Vincent might do when provoked or pushed to his limit. After all, he is from the warrior clan.


Timmy decided to play it safe and not take any chances.

Vincent wins!


 Never mind, Timmy.

We cannot win all the time, right?

Just you wait, Vincent...wait till tomorrow comes....

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