Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bye, Rattan Trunk!

Those of you who have been following this blog would know all about the rattan trunk in Bunny's Place. Yes, it was Cow, Bunny and Tiger's favourite den. Even Cleo and Indy use it sometimes and everyone loved it.

But with Tiger coming down with sporotrichosis and the rattan trunk being in a terrible shape (it is so broken and it does smell too!), it was time to say farewell to it.

So yesterday, we took the rattan trunk away for good. It's just three-quarters left, because most of it is already torn and broken.

no more rattan trunk

Well, the cats may not be very happy but I'm sure they will adjust to this new CLEAN place now, without the rattan trunk.

It sure makes washing so much easier too.

Maybe we will put something there for them to play on, but we have not decided on what it would be yet.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking that maybe those Clubhouse garden chairs would be good. It's washable, and one cat can sit on the chair and one below it. It doesn't rust too and is super hardy. Look at those two chairs in the background. They have lasted and stood the test of time (and being sprayed on). Sometimes, the cats like to sit under that yellow plastic chair too.  But they never sit on it, though.


Chen said...

Feels like the end of the era of the legendary rattan trunk :(

chankahyein said...

I'm hit hard too...bye bye, rattan trunk... *sniff*

Chen said...

Well, the "blank" area is right outside your kitchen window, right? So find a way to grow some pots of herbs right by the window so that you can just open your window and grab a few leaves to eat or cook. Easy for you to water too. Let's see - mint, chinese chives, sweet basil, dwarf chilli plants - comes to mind. The pots of herbs will absorb some sun and keep your kitchen cooler too. If you want to keep the area easy to clean, then attach a bar across the bottom of the window and get about 2 of the Baba metal plant pot holders that you can hook over and slot into them the appropriate rectangle plant pots. The bar will come in handy when you want to dry kitchen towels too :D

If I have a kitchen window that gets good sunlight and the space like yours, this is what I'll definitely do!

Chen said...

And cats, being cats will happily trample the plants and sleep on the pots! And spy on you from the window. :P

chankahyein said...

Oh, but I cannot reach out from the kitchen window because I've put mosquito netting to prevent the cats from climbing into the kitchen. So, it's no go, right? Was thinking more of doing something for the cats, actually (to replace their "loss" of their legendary rattan trunk...*sniff, sniff").

Chen said...


Joy E. Saga said...

How about the IKEA tunnel? RM49 for endless fun. And it is washable!

chankahyein said...

Great idea! I just googled for images. Was also thinking of getting the chairs since they all love sitting on the chairs and a bench won't be good as they won't share.