Saturday, March 22, 2014

An afternoon of silvervine mania!

It all started when a reader ordered five packs of silvervine powder. I always pack it fresh, so I hid in the kitchen to do the packing.

Within seconds, Tiger had already detected the scent and Ginger climbed the netting from the porch and came in, both wanting to have a go at the silver powder.

I had to hide in the toilet to pack it!

But both looked at me with those "poor me, I have no silvervine powder to play with?" eyes, so I had an idea.

I will sew some pillows for them "fresh".

But I had no kapok (filler).

Aha...I will use the remnant cloth from the patchwork as the filler. And if everything is made of cloth, the whole pillow can even be washed. Believe, after the cats are through with it (with their scratching and drooling), you'd wish you could wash the pillow!

So, thus began an afternoon of fun sewing with total scraps!


Using remnant cloth from our patchwork blankets and tiny pieces of scraps as filler, I sewed the pillow in less than 2 minutes!


Here you go, Tiger!


Of course Ginger also wanted one.


So while Tiger played with his...


...Ginger waited patiently for his.


This is from the Rainbow Butterflies cloth (Oreo's blanket).


Here you go, Ginger!


To each his own cat pillow!


From inside, Tabs was watching too.


This will be for Tabs.



Along comes Indy...

(And Indy has the most hilarious reactions towards the cat pillows since his first, the Ultraman, from Aunty Joy.)

mini-12 mini-13

Indy is rubbing his face on the table where the pillow had been and Tabs is looking at him, puzzled.

mini-14 mini-15

Bunny gets a go too while Indy continues rubbing his face on the table.


Indy gets a go as well.


And I sewed another Pink Birdie pillow for Cow!


meow meow said...

TIGER : Why my pillow cloth look like ah pek ( old uncle ) pyjamas ? I think We got a problem here.

chankahyein said...

Heh...the Ah Pek cloth is THE best because it's the thinnest cloth and 100% cotton. Why do you think Tiger played for so long and not the rest...aha! The secret is in the Ah Pek cloth!!

Dayana said...

is there a minimum amount to order?

chankahyein said...

For the silvervine powder, minimum is one pack (RM7) and postage is RM6. Details here: Or, if you prefer a pillow, it's RM15 each.