Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tiger Day 5 - A trip out for some sun!

The morning starts with feeding Tiger first, then Bunny & Friends, and finally, the PatioCats.



Everyone has his/her fair share of wetfood followed by kibbles as snacks.


And finally, it's Heidi, Ginger and Timmy battling for the last few kibbles.

Ginger wanted it, but Heidi's presence was too intimidating. So both just stared at the kibbles until Timmy came, disregarded the ongoing battle of the stares and gobbled up all the remaining kibbles and that's that.


Willy eats in peace at the bench.


But Tiger kept looking out and after having lived with them for so long, you develop a kind of intuition that understands what they want. I felt that Tiger wanted to come out.

The sun and natural environment might do him some good. Even the vet suns his sporo-cats. The sun is healing.


So I put the harness on Tiger and out we went into the garden. Tiger was scared at first and refused to move. He has never had the harness on him before, so he would definitely be scared.

Then, my husband said maybe we could put him atop the car to get some sun.


We tried that and he was scared too. So, finally, husband carried Tiger in his arms and gave him a full five minutes of healing sunshine. Tiger enjoyed it and was relaxed. This was also right after I had applied the Lamisil cream onto his wounds, so it was all good - he was not able to lick it off.

I remember reading from somewhere a long time ago (don't know how reliable the source is, though) that if you apply anything on your skin, within 5 minutes, whatever that can be absorbed would have been already absorbed.

In any case, I only applied a little bit of the cream  and rubbed it into the wound. No point in putting too much, it would be wasted.

So Tiger came back inside, after receiving his five minutes of pure sunshine. He seemed very happy.

By then, Pole was already making a snack call.

Pole uses this silent technique called "The Face". She will make sure (through telepathy) that you get to see her FACE and she will be seated at the pantry slab so that you get her message loud and clear.

In fact, last night, she made The Face and made sure I spotted her from the kitchen window. I ignored The Face (as The Face was asking for supper, which was not necessary). So I went to watch TV and by the time the show had ended, Pole was still at the same position with The Face (and she made sure that somehow, I would see her). So...how could you ignore such persistence and what harm can a few kibbles do, right? Yes, just to pacify The Face and so that we don't feel guilty!

mini-P3110596 (2)

This is the result of The Face - everyone gets kibbles as a snack.

mini-P3110597 (2)

All Pole wants is just a few kibbles.

For her, it's just a game to see how far "The Face" can go. It's not that she is hungry. Who is hungry at the pantry, anyway? Has these cats ever been hungry in their entire life?!!

mini-P3110598 (2)And since everyone got kibbles, Tiger gets too, but in the kitchen. Tiger's not too keen on kibbles, especially when it's Tuscan. I know, they want Royal Canin.


I would say there is no change in Tiger's wounds. Only that one tiny wound on the hind leg seems to be getting drier. The rest are as they were earlier. There were already quite dry to begin with. Healing from sporo takes weeks or months, so it's going to take sometime. I'm just glad that there are no new wounds for now.

mini-P3110600 (2)

Tiger going upstairs for some sun.

Happy Sunshiny Day, Tiger!

May the healing powers of the mighty sun drive the sporo far, far away, never to return!

And as always, Tiger and all of us thank you very much for all your kind wishes and prayers.


azrael said...

Dear Dr Chan,
This is unorthodox. For your consideration and reference only.
Oxygen bleach (natural enzyme derived) is highly effective in treating skin diseases, both human and animals. Dilute oxygen bleach in a pail of water (half cap to half pail water). Bath clean the cat first, rinse with diluted oxygen bleach solution, soak for about 5 minutes, rinse off with clean water. Repeat this routine 3 times (if bath once a week, then repeat this 3 consecutive weeks).
I have a friend using this method to treat herself and her dogs. The problem was completely wiped out.

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much for sharing, Azrael.