Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Goodnight, sleep well, Tiger and Heidi!

This evening, after the rain, Tiger went into the condo all by himself.


See? The door is wide open.

Initially, Tiger had a problem jumping down from this platform. He knew how to go up, but not come down. So I would have to remove the platform in order to open the top door for him to come out! He simply couldn't figure it out by himself (but now he can). Well, Tiger is not Indy, right? Indy would be able to wiggle himself out of anything and anywhere.


He seemed very happy in the condo. I'm glad he chose to go in by himself.

Notice that the second platform is hooked onto the top door, so once this platform is in place, I cannot open the top door anymore.

Elsewhere, this is cuteness overload....

I had unpacked a pack of books and was about to send the packing material for recycling when a clever cat decided she had better use of the material...


Hello Heidi!



Trust Heidi to snuggle up into the smallest boxes, or in this case, a make-shift "box" of sorts!


mini-P3170608 (2)


Aww....tomorrow will be another day, Tiger.

Sleep well and heal well.

May your body gain strength to fight the sporo and may you be well soon!

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Akmar said...

Heidi reminded me of this post: http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-cats-if-it-fits-i-sits/
Hehehehe..! :D