Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mr Quack gets his Pink Birdie Blanket!

Thanks to Donald Duck, Mr Quack has a brand new home-sewn Pink Birdie Blanket!!

His adopter came to collect the blanket today.


Yes, it's Maslinda Abd Talib who adopted Mr Quack in 2012!

Here are some photos of Mr Quack...

IMG_20140322_201331 IMG_20140322_201701 quack2

 Mr Quack may just prefer his own floor mats for now...!!

Donald Duck successfully bid RM500 for this Pink Birdie Blanket as a present for Mr Quack and Maslinda Abd Talib! Thank you very much, Donald Duck.


naz said...

She is definitely an angel!

BoBo Salem said...

Mas yang adopt Mr Quack??? oh my...I so want to see Mr Quack!!!!

the bean,
The Meow Meow Family

Akmar said...

It definitely takes a lot of patience to take care of Mr Quack..and look at him least he doesn't terrorise other cats like he used to..he he he! Kudos to Maslinda!