Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tiger has sporo wounds on 3 of his limbs

We did not see the other wounds earlier in the afternoon. Tiger has sporo wounds on both his hind legs and his left front paw.

I don't know how long the wounds have appeared as the ones on the hind legs are on the inside of the legs and are hard to notice. In any case, we only detected the wounds today and are already doing all we can with the medication and supplements.

Treating sporotrichosis usually takes weeks or even months, so we are going for the long haul. Tomorrow, we will try and get RetroMAD1 for Tiger.


The wounds on the left front leg.

mini-P3070597 mini-P3070598 mini-P3070599

There are wounds on both hind legs too.


Tiger's appetite is still very good, as usual, so that's good.

One day at a time, doing our best for him.

Bunny has no wounds and that's a relief. Bunny is FIV+ too. I'd better start them all on immune boosters already.


Shh...we've been waiting all day for Tiger to use the litter box and he's finally using it.

He normally does in on a special spot in the Clubhouse, so I was worried he might not use the litter box.


It took him many hours, but he is using it now.


And I'm watching from behind the grille.

mini-P3070599Tiger's friends are concerned too.

Cow is actually very brotherly and Tiger is Tabs' best friend, so Tabs has been itching to go out and accompany Tiger all day now.

Tiger thanks all his AnimalCare friends, humans and furry friends, for their kind wishes and prayers.  He has been obediently taking all his medicines. He wants to get well soon.


Khalifa said...

Get well soon Tiger.....

marina said...

Oh sweet Tiger..pls be well soon

Sandra said...

Get well soon Tiger! We love you!

meileng said...

get well soon tiger !