Monday, March 31, 2014

Tiger Day 24

Today is Day 24 and it has been a roller-coaster ride with Tiger. In fact, I think we are facing a setback, but let's hope it's either due ot licking or it's a minor one.

This morning, everything looked fine.

mini-left front B

Left front pay - just one stubborn sore to watch out for.

mini-left hind A

Left hind leg - all drying up, as they were in the previous days.

mini-left hip

This one on the left hip is another stubborn one.

mini-right hip B

The right hip actually had all these sores, which I didn't really notice earlier until they were drying up.
They are still dry now.

mini-P3300618 mini-P3300631 mini-P3300633


But by evening, I noticed the sores on the hip getting inflamed (it could be due to licking).

So I thought I should apply the Wound Protector...


These ones on the hip.
I managed to trim the hair around all the sores on both hips so that they can be monitored more closely.


The ones on the left hind leg still looked quite okay.

Since I was applying the Wound Protector on the hip sores, I thought I should apply on all the other sores.

That turned out to be a bad idea, because within the hour, the other sores too became inflamed.

I think it could be due to licking. At least, I HOPE it's due to licking and that we are not facing a setback.


Left front paw - slightly inflamed.


Left hind leg - quite inflamed.


So, it's back to Lamisil cream and e-collar again (at least for one hour).


Sorry, Tiger ol' boy, you have to wear the collar for awhile.

We want you to get well.

Let's see how things are tomorrow and we can then decide if we should not use the Wound Protector.

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