Saturday, March 8, 2014

Trying to "explain" the situation to the PatioCats

The PatioCats are all worked up and anxious too. They don't understand why they are not allowed to come into the house (because Tiger has to be quarantined).

Ginger is visibly upset. So are Heidi and Vincent.

So I had to spend some time with Ginger to let him know that I am not neglecting him or punishing him for anything (by not allowing him into the house).

mini-P3070595 mini-P3070596

The most effective way to lure them out to the patio is to give them food, but they are not fooled for long.


In fact, Heidi sneaked in and we almost got bitten trying to carry her out. She was really upset.

mini-P3070599But Ginger is the one affected the most. He's my bodyguard and he doesn't understand why he's not allowed to do his job anymore. So I had to stay with him out on the patio and pacify him.

I can only hope they will understand.

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