Monday, March 10, 2014

Tiger Day 4 and the unexpected water disruption

Today is Day 4 for Tiger being on medication. I spread the medication out throughout the day so that it won't be so taxing on Tiger...and me!

He is let out of the cage in the morning for breakfast and also, so that he can run a bit and stretch, but this is also medicine time. He knows all the "signs" so he runs and hides. This calls for a lot of patience and coaxing, but it helps that once I manage to catch him, it's easy to feed him the medicine.  Gentle Tiger doesn't bite or scratch at all. But, he is strong.

I don't mix any of the medicines in his food anymore as he can detect the smells and it spoils his appetite. So I let him have his breakfast (neat, without any medicines laced) so that it won't get turned off food. It's very important to maintain his appetite as Sporonox has the effect of decreasing one's appetite, according to the vet. It's also important not to stress him (as far as possible). He doesn't like the cage and when he's in the cage throughout the night, I can hear him whining. The only time he gets restful sleep is when he is out of the cage and under the sofa, doing what he likes on his own terms.

Wearing an e-collar would cause him a lot of stress too, so while these may be helpful procedures, I still have to weigh the pros and cons. The stress factor cannot be measured but it takes a toll on the recovery process too. Ultimately, it's about gut feeling and doing what we think is best. Doing the best we can.


Here is Tiger hiding upstairs after this morning's medicine-feeding session.

The morning round has the most medicines and supplements. The RetroMAD1 is given 3 times daily, the Sporonox and antibiotics twice daily each. The rest of the supplements are once a day except for the Biopure (liver supplement) which is twice daily.


 Meanwhile Tabs is still desperately trying her escapades from the room each day and she is extremely swift.

Ginger is still trying to get into the house as he's not only my bodyguard but he thinks Tiger needs emotional support so he wants to be there. Yes, Ginger is an extremely sweet cat. The other day, Ginger was in the kitchen and he heard Cow at the grille. Our friendly boy went and sat next to the grille to accompany Cow! Ginger thinks the whole world is all about kindness and goodness.

Don't you wish Ginger was right? I do, I do!


Bunny Bun Buns is okay. He's on extra Vetri DMG.

And it's bad enough that the water rationing exercise will be starting soon in our area, which makes sanitising procedures a bit more inconvenient. But two days ago, we had an unexpected water cut. We only found out yesterday that it was due to a pipe burst. Water rationing, according to the Syabas schedule, is only supposed to start on Wednesday in our area, so this water cut (due to the pipe burst) was unexpected and had caught us off guard. Suddenly, the taps went dry and we are now relying on bottled water not only for drinking but also for washing, cleaning and bathing. Now, that's certainly expensive!

And the water still has not been restored.

I've been appealing to my alpha-sprayers (Cow, Indy and Bunny) not to spray, please. Imagine having to clean off their spray spots with bottled water!


Akmar said...

From what I see, Tiger maintains his calmness though his sickness is a bit scary one. Looks like he's not a crybaby type..heheh!
Bunny is so cute in that position..and very 'debab'..hehheh! :P

Chen said...

I agree with Akmar that Bunny looks really debab and cute.

What with the inconsistent water supply, the hot weather, the stinky haze and the need to give look after Tiger - looks like it is time for you to slow down/reduce your other daily activities.

Wishing all your cats, family and yourself lots of good health And looking forward to lots of good news for this week. :D