Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tiger Day 12

After a long day at today's event, I am happy to share that most of Tiger's sporo sores are getting dry. All except the stubborn ones on the left front paw. When I came home, these were rather inflamed. Tiger had probably been licking them again.

Other than that, everything else is fine.


Sitting on his favourite chair, after being on the e-collar for one-and-a-half hours after application of Lamisil cream.


Ginger accompanying Tiger, as usual, but this time, Rosie had also come in.

And why?

Well, because I had bought Royal Canin kibbles and you can't fool the cats. They would just KNOW.

Rosie was whining non-stop and she kept leading me into the kitchen.


So, since you already know what we want, may we have some please?


That kibble, down there. Yes, that one.


Cats always win.

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Syeeleo said...

Good morning Tiger ........good to hear yr sores are drying up. Have a Good Healing Day!!!