Monday, March 24, 2014

Another round of silvervine mania!

It's been three days since we sewed our very own silvervine pillows with scraps of cloth and everyone had a gala time:

Today, a reader ordered a few packs of silvervine from us and I had to secretly and discreetly pack them again...alas, nothing escapes the noses of our cats. They soon came trooping in...

So, I thought it only fair to "refresh" their pillows.

Now refreshing by rubbing some silvervine powder onto the existing pillows just won't do for these cats, so I had to open up the seams and stuff some silvervine powder into the filler (which is shreds of cloth).


Unpick the seams..


Everyone is waiting in anticipation...


Stuff a few generous pinches of silvervine powder into the pillows and sew them up again.


And they are as good as new!

mini-P3240640 mini-P3240645

What about me?

Of course, Timmy...

mini-P3240646 mini-P3240649


mini-P3240650 mini-P3240651

Pillow is NICE!!

mini-P3240656 mini-P3240661

For Ginger too.

So, we strongly recommend that if you purchase our cat pillows, best to also purchase a few packs of the powder.

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