Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Cow Family, Indy and Tabbies United

Our inside cats seldom get featured so here's portrait time!

The Cow Family consists of Cow, Bunny, Pole and Cleo. There won't be anymore members because all are neutered.


Heading the clan is Cow.


The youngest of the 3 siblings is Bunny.


Pole is the eldest.

Do not be deceived by her model-like looks and demeanour, she is all muscle and extremely athletic.

They are all 8 years old this year.


Cleo, daughter of Pole, is 7 years old this year.


Indy will be 6 years old this year.


Tiger is also 8 years old, just about 2 months younger than the Cow siblings.


Tabs is about 3 years old. She's the baby of the clan.

Tiger and Tabs form Tabbies United and Indy is an honorary member because he doesn't bully the tabbies.

IMG-20140303-WA0009Asking for a treat for everyone!

Can you say "no" to these faces?


mei jenny said...

Wow, most if yr cats r quite senior already, but they still look sweet !

chankahyein said...

Yes indeed, how time flies! It seems like only yesterday that I picked up the Cow family by the roadside and knew absolutely nothing about looking after newborn kittens!

Norely Abd Rahman said...

They all look soooo good for their age! Awet muda!

Joy E. Saga said...

Pole looks the YOUNGEST! She must share her fountain of youth secret :D

Akmar said...

When seeing the pics of the Cow family, their expressions say 1 thing to me.. degil.. heheh!

Dayana said...

Dame Heidi is not in the same clan?

chankahyein said...

No, Heidi belongs to the PatioCats. Or rather, she is the kitchen cat now! I don't think any other cat can survive in Bunny's Place under the patronage of the Cow siblings.