Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tiger Day 5 - photos of his sporo wounds

I thought I should just take some photos of Tiger's wounds for my own records.

Today is Day 5.

Yesterday, I did notice a small wound on his hip but I wasn't sure if it was a sporo wound, but now I think it is. The consolation (if any) is that I was told the wounds got to "come out" and sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better.

new wound

There is definitely a red sore here. I didn't take any chances even yesterday, so I have been applying the Lamisil cream on it as well. Today, it looks more like a sporo wound, though it is still very superficial and doesn't have that erupting look.


The four wounds on the front paw still appears dry as before, but they have that "crater" look now.

mini-P3110604 mini-P3110610

The ones on the hind legs don't have the "crater" look yet.

I'm telling myself that it has to get worse in order to get better. And maybe it has to pass through this "crater look" stage.


It's hard enough having to apply the cream onto the wounds, it's even harder to take photos of the wounds.

Tiger is very strong.

The good news today is that Tiger's appetite has been really good. The vet did say that Sporonox will spoil the appetite. So I'm thankful Tiger's appetite is still very good. He needs all the nutrition he can get in order to recover.

mini-P3110598 mini-P3110599

Tiger's friends are curious and I think they miss him too. Luckily they can still see him behind the safety of the grille.



Thank you very much for all your kind wishes for me.


mini-P3110598 (2) mini-P3110599 (2)

 Tiger will be back with all of you when he recovers, Cleo, but it is going to take awhile.

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Yen Ling said...

Get well soon, Tiger!