Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tiger Day 18

This morning I was really pleased to see that Tiger's left hind leg sores seemed to have shrunken. At least they appeared to be so to the naked eye.


After Lamisil cream this morning.


After an hour on the e-collar.

mini-P3240681 mini-P3240692

Ginger has become Tiger's best friend now.


Getting some healing sun.

mini-P3240638 mini-P3240638 (2) mini-P3240639 mini-P3240640

It's been really, really hot today!

And Tiger seems to want the sunshine.


Good for him!

mini-left front B

Left front paw (this evening).

mini-left hind A

Left hind leg (this morning).

mini-left hind C

A close-up of the leg hind leg (this evening). I applied the Moogoo Irritable Skin Balm.

mini-right hind A

Right hind leg (this evening).

mini-right hind

 Right hind leg (this morning).

I think the rest of the sores have dried up considerably and let's hope they are healing and will not flare up again. It is only the above that needs monitoring now. These are all the original sores.

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