Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bag No. 8 (Pink Doggy) - up for auction!

We're holding a weekend auction for those who cannot access the internet from their workplace!

Bag No. 8 - Pink Doggy!


Auction Rules:

1. Please check the latest comment for the latest bid before putting in yours.

2. All bids are placed as comments on this blogpost. All comments will be published instantly in chronological order. 

3. The auction ends at 5pm, on Sunday, 23rd March 2014.

Note: Please monitor this post near closing time if you want to ensure that you are the highest bidder.

100% of the winning bid will be channeled to our Fund for the animals.

Do we hear RM50?

The bids as they come in:

22nd March:

At 5.54pm, PC Leong bids RM99.


The pink doggy motif is an applique done by my mum (who is 81 years old!). This bag measures 16 inches by 15 inches and is made from thick canvas. The canvas, flannel and workmanship is contributed by my mum. The cloth for the roof of the kennel is contributed by Chen Chen. The stencil used to draw the logo is contributed by Agnes Cheong.

Truly working together for the animals, isn't it?


Pawprints at the back.

Will this bag be yours?

It will make a very nice and meaningful gift for a loved one.

And the bag is very, very lasting.

Happy Bidding!!

No more plastic bags. Use home-sewn cloth bags that are lasting and bought with lots of love for the street animals!


pcleong said...

Hmmm... you picked a weekend when many are on holiday & some are busy with PKR vs MCA!!! ... including yours truly

Start the ball rolling ..... RM99 please

chankahyein said...

Oops...I've completely lost touch with the school holidays! Thanks for bidding!