Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tiger's new platform

Thanks to Sau Yee's idea of an extended platform (Sau Yee also nursed her sporo-cat, Rascal, back to health sometime last year), Tiger has a new "bed" now.


Ginger insists on being Tiger's new friend, so we have to pacify him for awhile, and then take him outside to the porch again. But Ginger would climb the netting and come back inside.


Here's Tiger's new double platform. He jumped up there all by himself.


 Sweet Ginger....he knows Tiger is unwell and he takes it upon himself to accompany Tiger.

I give Ginger Vetri DMG daily, just to fortify his immunity.

Tiger is so grateful he has a caring friend in Ginger. Perhaps for once, Tiger has a friend (besides Tabs, of course) who does not try to bully him. But I cannot let Ginger stay for too long or too near, so I have to monitor the two and take Ginger back outside.

Luckily, Tiger's wounds are quite dry. There are no new wounds so far. I was told these wounds might just stay as they are for weeks before I see any changes. I hope the changes I see will be the wounds getting drier and smaller.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind wishes for Tiger.


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