Friday, March 21, 2014

Tiger Day 15


Hi Tiger!!


Last night and this morning, I applied the Wound Protector ("Happy Bum Gel") on the sores hoping it might soothe the sores a little. Of course, I did not mix it with the Lamisil Cream which is applied only twice a day.


Tiger is my new sewing supervisor.


Ginger is Tiger's very faithful and loyal friend, especially in sickness.

mini-P3210618 (2)

He keeps a close eye on Tiger, ensuring all is well, even when Tiger is using the toilet!


Tiger still licks the sores after the e-collar is taken off.

I will focus on the original Gangs of Four sores (the stubborn ones).

mini-left front paw A

Left front paw.

mini-left hind leg

Left leg


This is the one on the hip.

The rest (tail, right front paw) are more or less drying up and crusted. These are the newer ones. I would like to believe that since Tiger is already on medication, these were prevented from getting established and hopefully are all on their way out.

Sporonox prevents the cell membranes from forming, thus, killing the fungus. Hopefully, this is what is working on these newer sores.

mini-right front paw comparison

Above are photos of the sores on the right front paw. I see an improvement.

Below are the stubborn originals.

mini-left front paw comparison 1

The Gang of Four on the left front paw - sometimes it has to get worse to get better, I guess.
It certainly looked inflamed on Day 9.

mini-left hind leg comparisonThis the the Gang of Four on the left hind leg. It is spreading up and down, but none of them is ulcerated or bleeding, which is good. According to my records, new sores appeared on Days 7 and 9. There have been no new sores since then, and that's 6 days now. I hope this is good news?

Tiger appetite is good, which is a blessing. He is very easy to look after, which is also a great blessing.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind wishes.


pcleong said...

Like MH370

Hope Tiger gets well soon
And they find 370 soon too

meow meow said...

Get well soon Tiger . Me throw you a cat party when you are well later , deal ?