Friday, March 28, 2014

Bunny bullies Tiger and Tiger walks away...

Just now, I heard Bunny's infamous war-cries at the Clubhouse. I went out to look and found Bunny war-crying right into Tiger's face.

Bunny wouldn't stop so I had to intervene or else, it would escalate to something ugly.

But Tiger was just looking at Bunny without retaliating or even flinching. He was probably saying, "You again? What is your problem this time?"


Tiger didn't even move. He just looked at the war-crying Bunny.


I had to pacify the war-crying one.

Fight fire with fire and you will lose, right?

Bunny was subdued instantly.


And the bully walks away, leaving Tiger safe and unharmed.


It's not my shift to be on duty. Don't disturb my siesta, please. 


I'm not involved either.


Neither are we.


Pacify me with food!!

And while Bunny was eating, Tiger waited at the grille. He wants to go out where it would be safer. Why stay around and invite trouble?


Tiger is wise.

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And could you please let my friend out too, please? 


Yes, Tabs wants to come out too.




 Happiness is having a friend and comrade...


Akmar said...

Tiger didn't seemed disturbed or perturbed at all. Very calm and composed. I think maybe Bunny is a bit jealous because you're paying more attention to Tiger since the sporo episode starts.

chankahyein said...

Oh, Bunny has been bullying Tiger all his life....Tiger "dah biasa" (*yawn*)!!

Chen said...

I love the pic of Tiger and Tabs walking together side by side. It's blurry but yet somehow very endearing - like 2 pals happy to see each other.

chankahyein said...

Yes, me too!

Akmar said...

Hahaha..that explains the 'buat tak tahu..tak payah layan' attitude of Tiger's.. :D