Monday, March 24, 2014

Tiger Day 17

Today, I decided two times on the e-collar for the Lamisil may be too stressful for Tiger because even after 45 minutes on the e-collar, the moment the collar is removed, he licks all the sores feverishly and they get inflamed.

Moreover, the instructions on the tube say "once a day" only.  Better keep to the dosage and don't go too aggressively, especially when the cream has toxic ingredients. In any case, I use very little of the cream on Tiger's sores.

So today, I applied the Lamisil cream only once in the morning with the e-collar on. After that, I only used the Wound Protector on the sores. I don't need the e-collar for this as Tiger does not lick it. The Wound Protector is also non-toxic.

Tiger did not seem to lick his sores as much throughout the day and the wounds looked pink (whenever I managed to sneak a peek at them). No more red and inflamed.

I also did not want to stress Tiger more by taking photos (been doing that every day, partly for monitoring the sores because I can take my time and scrutinise the sores by enlarging the photos).

Here's Tiger today:


He had all his meals with his friends.

mini-P3230628 mini-P3230630

He also took really long naps on this mat.

I would say Tiger had a very restful and peaceful Sunday.

Stress is not good, we all know that. So I hope today has been quite stress-free for Tiger. I found that Tiger readily took the Sporonox granules when mixed with wetfood, so I don't have to forcefeed him the capsule anymore.  Another one stressful event off the list! I only have to forcefeed the Biopure and Omega-7 as one is a tablet and the other a capsule. The rest are mixed with his food.

Tiger also looks forward very much to his TF supper every night. I think he loves the TF-laced wetfood. Every night, he comes to the kitchen to ask for it! TF = Transfer Factor.

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