Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tiger Day 16


Grooming himself from head to toe, after breakfast.


After all his medicines, it is time for Lamisil cream and the e-collar.

mini-right front

Right paw - the two sores are almost all gone!


The one on the tail.


The hip sore.

The above are all the new sores which appeared while under medication - they seem to heal fast.

Now, comes all the stubborn ones which had already existed for sometime before we knew Tiger had sporo. The photos were taken at different times throughout the day.

mini-left hind A

The Gang of Four on the left hind leg gets inflamed after Tiger has licked them.

mini-left hind leg

This Gang of Four became a Gang of Eight on Day 11, but they seem more prominent now. Or maybe this photo is clearer.

mini-left hind B

At other times, it looks light pink, which is encouraging.

mini-Left hind D

This is one of the originals found nestled in this part of the leg, which is hard to reach. It looks inflamed because Tiger had just licked it. Otherwise, it's pink.

mini-left front

The most stubborn Gang of Four on the left front paw.

I am patiently waiting for the day these show some sort of improvement, though I am aware it may take a few more weeks for this to happen. But thank goodness, it has not spread anymore. Initially, on Day 7, it spread outwards.


These are two small sores I noticed on Day 8 on the left armpit, but since they were already dry, I did not apply any Lamisil cream on them, for the sake of comparison with the one on the hip. Based on this comparison, it looks like there isn't much difference to tiny sores whether the cream is applied or not. Maybe I should use the Wound Protector on such tiny dried up sores.


Good boy, Tiger!


Groom, groom, groom....


Enjoying some sun.

mini-P3220610 (2)

Everyone LOVES sunbathing on the green netting. I guess it's because it's bouncy?

mini-P3220611 (2)

Cleo prefers somewhere higher, just in case of any war on ground.


 Cow prefers the safety of the room.

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