Friday, March 14, 2014

Bunny says "No, no, no!!"

This morning, after giving Tiger all his medicines, I tried to give the Omega-7 capsule to Bunny but he really put up a fight and almost bit me real bad. He growled and hissed and would have bitten me if I had not dodged his jaws in time. And all I did was approach him with the capsule wrapped in wetfood. Hadn't even touched him yet.

Wow! I must have caught him at a totally wrong time. Maybe some bullying had just happened before this.


NO!! I don't want any medicine!!


Oh well, it was really bad timing and he seemed to be in a bad mood, so I decided not to proceed and gave the capsule to Tabs instead. It's a supplement for the skin, so it would benefit any cat.

Yesterday, there was a bit of an incident amongst Bunny, Cow and Indy.

Bunny was trying to get into the room from the pantry but Cow and Indy were sleep-guarding the entrance to the room.


Like so.

And Bunny was so scared he just stayed outside waiting for an opportunity to slip past the two Royal Guards.

But there was no window of opportunity because as asleep as Cow looked, he was actually wide awake and just waiting...


So, Jia-Wen had to go out to carry Bunny in.


And luckily Sister Pole was also asleep, or she would have bullied Bunny too by doing her "sharking" to wrestle attention for herself. She does it all the time. Do not be deceived by the innocent face of Pole. She is very crafty and incredibly smart in getting what she wants.

So with Pole asleep this time, Bunny had some playtime all to himself.


Playtime over, and Bunny cautiously makes his way back outside, tip-toeing as he walks past the Royal Guards.


Are you really asleep?



mini-P3140632So it's not easy surviving in Bunny's Place too, yah?

Bunny gets bullied by Cow and Pole because Bunny is the youngest. BUT...Cow gets bullied by Cleo, his niece (Pole's daughter) and nobody bullies Cleo. Cleo swipes anyone who tries anything funny with her or with others.


Nobody dares to mess with Cleo.


Bunny seems okay now. He's sitting on the editor's chair (which is usually Tabs').


Tabs is staying "out of the range" and playing it safe.

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Susan said...

lol, the black and white clan always laying on the floor ^.^