Sunday, March 16, 2014

A present for Tiger!

Since Tiger misses the Clubhouse chair so much, I ordered a new chair for him, to be placed in the house while Tiger is under quarantine.


The moment I put the brand new chair down, before I could even remove the plastic, Tiger went onto it.

mini-P3150622 mini-P3150628

I'm glad he likes the chair.


Of course Bunny & Friends also got one, to compensate for the loss of the legendary rattan trunk...*sniff*.

We decided this chair (or rather, two chairs, as Tiger's chair will eventually come in here when Tiger has recovered) would be better than other paraphernalia as the chair has two purposes: (1) to sit on, (2) to sit under it if the cat needs a roof over his/her head.


See what I mean? There are two ways to use the chair. Vincent is sitting UNDER it while Timmy is sitting ON it.

The PatioCats love these chairs too. And it's very lasting because it's plastic and aluminium.

So who got the new chair in the Clubhouse?




But Indy wants it too.


Within minutes, Indy got the chair.


It's okay, Cleo, these shelves are all yours!



Yay for Tabs!


 Good boy, Indy!

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Bernice said...

Awww....You spoil em :) But then again, we all do...Spoil our lil furries. Can't help it :)