Monday, March 31, 2014

The helpful PatioCats


I was transferring a new packet of kibbles into the food arsenal this morning and Vincent came to help...immediately!


Dig in, Heidi, dig in...before she comes back...quick, Heidi!!


And here's Ginger with me inside the storeroom.

mini-P3310617I'm helping to count the bars of soap...

Today, we are delighted to receive an order of 70 bars of soap and 15 tubes of toothpaste! The order is from the Mudita Buddhist Society. They are making offerings of requisites to the monks. Buddhist monks are offered food, medicine, clothing (robes) and basic requisites, by the lay community. So, instead of buying soap and toothpaste from the supermarkets, Mudita decided to get their supply from us.

Isn't that wonderful? The monks will get to use cruelty-free products (which is so good for their spiritual practice), the street animals benefit from our Fund, all parties are not be supporting animal-testing and by this noble deed, we educate by example!

It's a Win-Win-Win-Win situation!

Thank you, Mudita Buddhist Society, for supporting our cause!

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