Friday, March 14, 2014

Where are the PatioCats?

With Tiger under quarantine inside the house, the PatioCats have not been allowed to come into the house and they were really quite unhappy in the beginning.

Now, they are getting a bit used to it though every morning, I still have to cage Tiger and let the PatioCats in for a short while.

Ginger still comes in through the window by scaling the netting and I monitor him closely to stop him from getting too close to Tiger.

I do feel a little bad that they cannot come into the house, especially with the haze being so bad today. But am glad at least they are in the porch and patio where it's sheltered.


Mother-and-daughter pair, Daffodil and Rosie are okay because this spot in the porch is their usual favourite spot.


Ginger waiting to come into the house.


Vincent too.


Happiness to Ginger is being able to come into the house, even for a little while.


Even Mr Zurik is here at the porch. He hardly ever goes away anymore these days.


Timmy is at the patio guarding his food arsenal.


Many times, all 7 of them would be sleeping in the porch right outside the front door. Aww...

Heidi had gone somewhere else when I took these photos, but she was here at the patio for dinner just now.

So all is well.

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