Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tiger's quiet afternoon upstairs

After coming back from the vet's, I guess two days of traveling to the vet's had taken quite a stressful toll on Tiger. So, after I gave him his medicines, he fled upstairs.

Since there is no other cat inside the house, I let him stay upstairs and he was there for 4 hours before I finally brought dinner upstairs for him.


He just stayed under the sofa the whole time.



Then, it was medicine time again. Tiger tried to run away, but slowly, I coaxed him to take his medicine. Luckily it's easy feeding him medicine. I had to open the Sporonox and antibiotic capsules since the dosage is 1/3 cap and 1/2 cap per time. I mix the contents with wetfood and Tiger takes it all.

Then, I let him be on his own until he decides to come downstairs by himself...

mini-P3080611 mini-P3080615

He just wanted to sit at the stairs so I sat with him.


Finally, he comes down and calls me at the grille.

I know he must be lonely without his friends, so I spend some time with him.

mini-P3080597 mini-P3080598 mini-P3080600 mini-P3080602

Play and bonding time.

Building trust time, actually, since he is now associating me with the dratted medicines or Lamisil cream.

But soon, it was Lamisil cream time, so I had to put on my gloves and bring the tube of Lamisil out. Tiger saw my gloved hand and evaded me. Upstairs, downstairs, he ran and I followed.

Finally, I decided to give him a break. He stopped running and waited for me.

Aren't you going to chase me anymore?

He looked puzzled.

So okay, I managed to hold him down to apply the cream but only on the front paw.

For the hind legs, I need someone to carry him up. It only takes a few seconds to apply to cream if someone could carry him for me.

So we waited until my husband came back and I applied the Lamisil onto the hind legs.

Was it my eyes playing tricks on me or was it too dark for me to see?  I think the single wound on one of the hind legs is almost gone. Disappearing!

Or maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me in the twilight, but never mind. We shall see tomorrow when we apply the cream again.

For now...

tiger under sofa

Tiger went back upstairs to hide.

I guess it will take many days or even weeks before he accepts that he needs several rounds of medication and Lamisil cream each day. Until then, we shall play it by ear and try not to stress him too much.

Meanwhile, inside...

mini-P3080601 mini-P3080602


I've checked Tabs and I don't see any wounds on her.

The vet did say that one of his clients had a spor0-cat and 4-5 of her other cats got infected. But her sporo-cat was not isolated from the rest.

Sometimes, it takes up to 12 weeks before a sporo wound is visible, so during that period, the spores could have been spreading already. We don't know how long Tiger has had the wounds, actually.

mini-P3080604 mini-P3080605Everyone is okay and napping.

Outside, Heidi is still trying to get inside the house and I have to play catch to get her to go out. And she is NOT happy about it. Ginger still wants to come in because he has to be my bodyguard.

Everyone, inside and outside, is on Vetri DMG.

I am hopeful that Tiger will recover from this sporo-episode. The vet was slightly worried that being FIV+ and 8 years old already, his immunity might be significantly compromised by now. But the vet said Tiger is well-fed so that's a plus point.

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Juliana said...

Sending health vibes and prayers for Tiger as well as all the other kitties. Definitely hoping for a speedy recovery so that everyone can settle back into their usual routines. I'm not surprised that they are all a little uneasy by the change in what's allowed and not allowed now, even though it's for their own good. Have a quick, quick recovery, Tiger, we're rooting for you!