Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tiger Day 9 - The effect of the Lamisil cream

From what I've seen so far, if the sporo sores are detected early (which means on the same day they appear), application of the Lamisil cream seems to be able to shrink and dry them really fast. This is assuming that it's the cream that's doing the work. Of course, we cannot be sure of this.

But granted, sporotrichosis is a deep muscle infection and the sores erupt from "inside" so the cream or anything that is applied externally probably only addresses the external problem.

This morning, I noticed two new sores on Tiger's right front paw. These were totally brand new. I applied the Lamisil cream on them and by this evening, both have shrunken considerably. The one on the tail may not have been brand new as I've noticed Tiger biting his tail for a few days. So that sore was rather big when I noticed it this morning. I also applied the Lamisil cream on that. Now, it is quite dry as well. The same happened yesterday with the two new sores on his left front paw. Both shrank and dried up within 5 hours after application of the cream, actually.

The original 4 sores on the left hind legs have remained stubborn, but have not got any worse. These sores may have been there for weeks already, for all we know. The same goes for the ones on the left front paw. They are considerably drier but have not shrunk.

So, based on this, it looks like for now, this Lamisil cream may be effective in shrinking and drying up new sporo sores on Tiger. I hope this hypothesis is correct. Then, at least we have a way of addressing new sores.  Sporonox is still needed to combat the fungal infection on the inside.

tiger e-collar


This evening, I managed to apply the cream on all the sores after putting the e-collar on Tiger, but it wasn't easy to restrain him. Then, I thought I'd better cage him for at least 20 minutes or so (depending on how long he can withstand having the e-collar on him) so that there is time for the cream to be absorbed and Tiger won't lick it.

Well, Tiger went berserk in the cage and toppled the whole litter box!

Ginger simply HAS to come in and watch as he is very concerned about Tiger.

After cleaning up and removing the whole litter box, Tiger had space to sit down and was more calm. Maybe I can push it to 30 minutes?


Freyia said...

So sweet. It looks as though both ginger and tiger are having a conversation.

Jewel said...

Hi Dr Chan, I am reading your articles on cat sporro, this is Jewel, remember me? I wrote to you about Fii Fii previously. I am going to bring Fii Fii home from the clinic tomorrow and nurse her at home. She was at the clinic for 3 and a half months, as being very stubborn and feisty who doesnt like to be handled, it is a nightmare to feed her any pill or clean her wounds. She was recovering slowly but steadily when there was a caring and committed staff who used to let Fii Fii take a walk every morning in the clinic. This man has returned to Bangladesh 2 weeks ago, and I dont know if he is coming back. During his absence, I discovered to my horror that the other staff didnt seem to know much about Fii Fii's condition. She always seems so hungry when I visit, even though I put stocks of her favourite canned food there. I wonder if she has been fed or not, and her cage is always dirty whenever I visit, unannounced. 2 days ago, I was shocked to see my Fii Fii losing so much weight and looking so unhappy. There is another smaller cat Kippy who is also being nursed at home for sporro. For the sake of the other 10 indoors cats, we have to put them in 2 large cages in a room of their own. I still dont know how Fii Fii will cooperate regarding the feeding of medication and applying of cream, but we will try our best. Your precious articles serve as encouragement to me whenever I worry. Thank you.

May I ask if the Lamisil cream from Caring Pharmacy at JB Sentral is the one caregivers and yourself use on the sporro wounds? The clinic says they have been using Fucidin but it has been out of stock. Please let me know soonest. Thanks once again. I wish you and Tiger, and all your cats and family well!

chankahyein said...

Dear Jewel, Tiger has already recovered. I don't know why you got to a very, very old post. He has already past 90 over days now and is no longer on Sporonox. Please refer to this post: - it summarises what I did for him. Lamisil is toxic, especially to the liver, so if you need to use a lot, you might have to put Fi Fi on an e-collar. I stopped using Lamisil cream and replaced it with Path-Away which is also anti-fungal but is non-toxic and Tiger doesn't lick it at all. Even if he did, it's non-toxic and safe. Please consult your vet on what is best for Fi Fi. But yes, Lamisil is commonly used to help sporo sores topically (but I would suggest you also give a liver protectant. I used Himalaya's Biopure. There is another called Samylin which is highly recommended too).

Jewel said...

Dear Dr Chan,
THANK YOU for the reply, and so good to know Tiger is completely recovered. God bless you & your Tiger! Yes, the clinic prescribes a liver protectant with their housebrand sticker label over it so I dont know if it is Biopure or Samylin. It is a brownish-black liquid. Can I buy Path-Away from Caring Pharmacy?

chankahyein said...

Hi Jewel, I don't know if Caring sells Path-Away. If you cannot find it, you may get it from us: