Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tiger Day 13 - sunbathing at the Clubhouse!


For two nights now, Tiger goes into his condo at about 9.30pm all by himself. And we don't have to close the door until we go to sleep upstairs. He goes up to the highest platform and will not come down until the next morning when he starts calling us at 6.30am.

Hmm...good sleeping habits, I must say.


And he loves sitting on top of the water dispenser.

Yes, we are under the 2-day water rationing exercise, but we are managing well with enough storage for drinking and washing.


Happy Tiger...

But Tiger misses the Clubhouse a lot, so he gets supervised Clubhouse time every day as well. In fact, it's easier to monitor Tiger in Bunny's Place due to the 1-metre radius rule that the Cows have rather than monitor Tiger with Ginger as Ginger, as sweet as he is, is always trying to get close to Tiger to touch noses.

In Bunny's Place, everyone keeps a safe distance from each other...yes, or you might get swiped at!

mini-P3190618 mini-P3190619

Getting some sun.

And how are the sores on Day 13?

I managed to take these photos while Tiger was sunbathing.

I've ranked the photos accordingly...

mini-1 hip

The one on the hip is healing well.

mini-2 right front

The two sores on the right front paw are healing well too.

mini-5 tail

This is the one on the tail....almost disappearing!

Now, for the stubborn (original) ones....

mini-3 left leg A

I call this row the "Gang of Four" on the left hind leg.

mini-3 left leg

It's spreading a little bit, but I think Lamisil and all the oral medication are keeping it at bay. They look dry too.

mini-4 left leg B

One of the originals on the left hind leg - looking good now. From the original one, it spread out to another but both look dry.

mini-4 right leg

On the right hind leg.

mini-6 left front A

And finally the most stubborn of 'em all - the other "Gang of Four" on the left front paw.

And also, lower down, two more detected a few days ago, now drying up.

mini-6 left front

Am patiently waiting for these to show more improvement. But am very thankful they are dry and haven't gone worse.

From the originals, two spread out (you can see them in the photos) but these seemed to be disappearing too.


I had to play the bad guy and interrupt his peaceful sunbathing by putting on the e-collar on him and applying Lamisil Cream as I have to go to work later today.

For the record, Tiger is on the following medication and supplements;

1. Sporonox - 1/2 cap once a day
2. Clindamycin, antibiotics - 1/2 cap twice a day (finishing the course soon) - just to prevent secondary bacterial infections
3. RetroMAD1 - 0.2 ml thrice a day (only because he is FIV+)
4. Lamisil cream - twice a day (external application)

1. Vetri DMG - 0.5 ml once a day - to boost immunity
2. Biopure (the former Liv-52) - 1 tablet twice a day - to protect the liver
3. Omega-7 - 1 cap once a day - for the skin and protection of internal organs
4. Transfer Factor - 1 cap once a day - to boost immunity

I have heard of sporo-cats who healed purely on Sporonox alone. The reason for the added supplements is because Tiger is FIV+ and 8 years old. I have also checked with the vet who opines that these supplements will not interfere with the efficacy of Sporonox. 

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