Friday, March 14, 2014

Tiger Day 7 - old sores drying up, new sores appearing...

I was playing with Tiger just now (that is the only way to check his sores) and it appears that while the old sores are visibly drying up, new sores are also appearing.

The original sores went from crater-like to drying up now, which is good. But upon closer examination now, it looks like new sores are spreading out from these dried up ones. Maybe the spores that are inside (sporo sores erupt from inside) have to come out in order to heal?


And there is a new area too, which I have not noticed before this. It is further down from the original area.


 There are definitely two new sores here.

My heart dropped. But maybe whatever that is inside has to come out in order to heal, I consoled myself.

I applied the Lamisil cream onto these areas just now. The one single sore that appeared on Tiger's hip hasn't grown any worse. I quickly examined the sores on his hind legs and I don't see any new ones.

Perhaps it is more difficult to detect sores on his front paws because of the fur. The consolation is that all sores are detected at the early stage, so at least we can try to nip them in the bud, hopefully.

Tiger Day 7

We shall deal with it one day at a time, Tiger.

P.S. I have consulted one of the vets and he said the new sores could be existing spores germinating, which was our theory too (what's inside has to come out). Hoping for the best now!

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