Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tiger Day 19

It was yesterday that I started to notice an "improvement" in Tiger's stubborn Gang of Eight sores on his left hind leg. From far, I could see that these sores have all suddenly become significantly smaller.

Today, I managed to take some photos without upsetting him too much as he was sitting out in the sun.


Good boy, Tiger...may I check your sores, please?

mini-left hind

This is the left hind leg. See how the sores have shrunken?


this one (left hind D)

See the light pink sore on the left leg (at the bend)? Last night, Tiger licked that until it was so terribly inflamed and almost sore again. I quickly applied the Wound Protector twice and today, it looks so much better!

Hooray to the Happy Bum Gel - it's so effective for minor wounds. Last night, the very sore was GHASTLY!

mini-right hind

Right hind leg.


The one on the tail - going, going, gone!

mini-left front A

The left front paw's Gang of Four seems to be becoming a Gang of Three soon!

mini-right armpit

The one at the armpit which I didn't really apply any cream on.

mini-right body

On Days 7-9, I felt a few dry sores in various parts of Tiger's body, but I also did not apply any cream on them.

The above shows three of these small sores. They look very dry already.

As the vet had explained, sporo healing comes from the inside since it's a deep muscle infection which only manifests as sores which if ulcerated, will spread the spores out. This means, the healing is from the inside and what we apply topically would only stop the fungal infection from spreading superficially but will not address the root cause, which is located in the deep muscle. So, ultimately, what is most important would be the Sporonox and all the immune boosters.

Currently, Tiger is on:

1. Sporonox (1/2 cap once a day)
2. RetroMAD1 (0.2ml three times a day)
3. Lamisil cream (once a day) - the vet said I could stop this already, so am stopping it today!

1. Vetri DMG (0.5ml once a day)
2. Biopure (1 tablet twice a day)
3. Omega-7 (1 capsule once a day)
4. Transfer Factor (1 capsule once a day)

Tiger has aleady completed a 14-day antibiotic (Clindamycin) course. No more antibiotics now. The antibiotics does not help in the sporotrichosis; it is only to prevent secondary infections.

I used the Moogoo Irritable Cream on his sores yesterday, but I think it's probably very tasty (?) because he kept licking them. So I'm reverting to the Wound Protector ("Happy Bum Gel").


Happy Sunshine, Tiger!


 You too, Cow Mau!

mini-Happy Bum (1) mini-Happy Bum (2)

mini-Tiger in the sun

And of course, the sun heals too!

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