Friday, March 14, 2014

Tiger Day 7 - adding Omega-7

This morning I was so pleasantly surprised to see the wounds on Tiger's front paw. Those 4 sporo sores look significantly drier compared with yesterday! I hope this improvement continues. The ones on the legs did not show as much change, though.

The fact that Tiger's body is responding to this treatment is already a great blessing, what with him being FIV+ and the poor prognosis from the vets. So we rejoice in this moment!


It is much, much drier today. These are the wounds on his front paw.

He doesn't like having his wounds photographed, so we didn't want to stress him further.

The haze today was at a all-time high, so we didn't sun Tiger, but he had two short trips out into the open air. I believe this would do him some good. It's not so good being cooped up inside the house all day too.


Tiger is smart! He knows there is morning sun here at the stairs (from the window), so he suns himself!


After his meds this afternoon.

I consulted another vet through a friend and this vet has treated many, many sporo-cats. She opines that 1/3 cap (even though given twice a day) may not be strong enough for Tiger to combat the sporo. I also remember that the first vet said for Tiger's weight it should be 1/2 cap. So although 1/3 cap twice a day totals up to 2/3 caps per day, but the strength of each dose also needs to be taken into consideration. So I'm reverting to 1/2 cap once a day in the morning as advised by this 4th vet. A bigger dose at one go may be more effective at combating the illness.

In fact, the first vet said it was possible to even give 1 cap once a day for a more aggressive treatment, but that might be risky as Sporonox can cause liver toxicity.

I have also heard of sporo-cats healing from the sporo illness but later succumbed to liver failure due to prolonged ingestion of medicines. Now, that is scary, especially when sporotrichosis treatment almost always lasts for months.

Hence, liver supplements are being given to Tiger to protect his liver right from Day One.

And a friend also recommended Omega 7. Apparently, a vet in Kampar has treated sporo-cats very effectively with this supplement and the product can be ordered from her clinic.

So I ordered two days ago and it arrived by Poslaju today!

mini-P3130609 mini-P3130610

 It comes in capsules and it's supposed to be good for the skin. This is a pet product.

I'm going to give it to Tiger as well as Bunny since Bunny doesn't have a nice coat (due to his earlier balding problem). If it works for Bunny, giving Omega-7 might be better than using the defleaing spot-on.

About Omega-7:

So, today marks Day 7 of Tiger's sporo treatment and I am happy with the results thus far. His appetite is very good and his urination and defecation is as per normal. The loose stools yesterday was just a one-off thing. Tiger also plays by himself all over the house. He runs around quite a bit.

Tiger and all of us thank you very much for all your prayers and kind wishes for his quick recovery. I'm looking forward to the day when I can announce that Tiger is sporo-free. Till then, we appreciate all your kind thoughts and wishes very much!

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melle said...

Yes, the wound looks dried up. I give my cats Natural Factor "Salmon Oil" (for human consumption) capsule twice a week. It helps in keeping their skin and gums healthy/