Friday, March 28, 2014

Tiger Day 22


After breakfast.


 Tiger loves this chair.

mini LEFT front

Left front paw.

mini left front A

A close-up of the left front paw.

mini Right front

Right front paw.

mini left hind A

Left hind leg.


Looks promising!

mini Right Hind

Right hind leg.

mini tail

Tail - almost gone!

mini HIP

Tiger must have licked this one on the hip as it looked inflamed this morning.

I decided not to apply anything on it as it would make him lick even more.

Mini HIP AThe same sore on the hip, photo taken about 2 hours later.

Too bad it's easy for Tiger to just turn his head and lick this area to his heart's content. Maybe it's itchy because it is healing?

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