Sunday, June 2, 2013

Late night visitors to the patio

Nope, it's not the slithery kind, thank goodness, but a dog and a new cat!

Last night, as I was reversing my cat (oops, I meant "CAR"!!) out of the porch in the rain, I caught a glimpse of a large dog coming into our house compound from outside!

It was a brown dog and if I'm not mistaken, he (or maybe she) had a collar too. The dog came in nonchalantly and headed straight to the patio.

I quickly stopped my car as I was worried about the patio cats (everyone was there as they hang out there every evening after dinner). After all, this was a huge dog.

I immediately went to the patio and the dog came walking out, still quite happily. And the surprisingly thing is that the cats were not afraid of him. They hung around too.


The dog looked at me for a few seconds and I said "hello", he approached nearer and I held up my phone to take a photo. That's when he bolted out of the gate. I didn't have time to turn on the flash, so the photo was all too dark.

Anyway, I quickly drove out after him as it was still raining (though not very heavy). I couldn't find the dog anywhere at all. I was hoping to feed him.

Later that night, my son went out and he said he saw the dog mooching around in front of one of the houses down the road. I hope that's where he stays.

Then, just now, suddenly my son exclaimed, "What's Indy doing out in the patio?"

Nope, Indy is the room here, with me.

"But there is a black-and-white cat at the patio", he said.

So we quickly went out and saw a small black-and-white cat running off from the patio to the gate.

We followed the cat and I recognised her as one of the pavilion cats fed by Francis. She's been a long-time pavilion resident and she probably came to visit Daffodil?

I remember she did come round some weeks back when I was feeding Willy-O at the culvert.

Maybe she wants to join the Patio Family?

Well, any cat is welcome to come have two meals at the patio, but...


Can you get past Vincent Valentino Starr?


Ginger is super friendly to everyone, so he is okay.

Lately, I noticed Ginger has been confronting Vincent. I think Ginger does not like Vincent's aggressive ways, especially how he forbids Willy-O (a fellow ginger cat) to come into the house compound for his meals. Of course, I'm simply guessing (and anthropomorphising...gosh, what a mouthful!).


Daffodil is here too.

They all enjoy sitting on top of the pillars at night, something my inside cats must miss dearly.


Of course Timmy is too "tummy" to jump up the pillars!

Rosie isn't around. She has other houses to go to.


So, Vincent my boy, any chance that you would allow other cats to come in and share the space? sounded like a "no" from him.

By the way, my husband says Willy hangs around the "tardis" blue dustbins in the morning. He is still quite thin and that's because he only comes for breakfast. In the evening, he is somewhere else. He also doesn't eat at the pavilion (I've check with Francis).



The Bunnyphant is in a completely relaxed mode.

So, you win some and you lose some. If you get to roam outside, you are subject to the risks and the elements. If you are indoors, you get to sleep like a piggie!


You get your very own penthouse and condo, complete with cushions.


Or, if you prefer a comfortable rattan trunk, that's fine too.

And of course, you still get a view of the outside world.


And food is served at your beck and call.


Yes, there are pros and cons.


More pros, eh, Bunny?


Maneki Neko said...

Thank you for giving me a big smile to start this Sunday morning!

This is what you wrote: "Last night, as I was reversing my cat out of the porch in the rain..."

Now, KY, you make so few typos that when you do make one, it catches my eye. Or could it be that this is not an error? Have you decided to economise on petrol by hitching all the cats to a cart and having them pull you where you need to go? If you included the patio family, it might be possible. But not probable, alas. We know who works for whom in the feline-human relationship.

chankahyein said...

ROFL-MAO!!! I fell from my chair!! Ha ha...thanks for letting me know!