Monday, June 3, 2013

Tabs' new bedroom and another day out

Tabs had the whole day out yesterday and she was truly very, very reluctant to come back to "bully world" (as perceived by Tabs). But she had to. We've noticed that Tabs get overly adventurous at night - she turns into Spider-Cat 2. If she is out, she'll head for the rooftops and that would be a complete nightmare for me.

So Tabs had to be brought back into the room.


Seeing how unhappy she was, I made a new bedroom for her....inside the wardrobe.


That's her inside, on one of the shelves.

She was very happy inside and stayed in.


Soon, Tiger got worried and started looking for Tabs. He thought Tabs was still outside.

I had to show Tiger where Tabs was.


And Tiger went inside too!


Pole was very nice to give up her spot at the orange mat so Tabs won't feel intimidated by the presence of any Cow-cats.


Cow went over to sniff at the wardrobe door and later, stood guard nearby.

I think Tabs' fear is over-magnified. The Cow Clan actually means no harm. It's just some "fun bullying" for them. Well yes, fun for them, but certainly no fun for little Tabs.


This morning, Tabs was out again!

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